Woman Sues Catholic Children’s Aid Society After Foster Father Impregnated Her.

A Toronto woman has filed a lawsuit against Catholic Children’s Aid Society (CCAS) more than thirty years after her then-foster father repeatedly raped her. Although she begged her CCAS worker to get her away from the abusive man, she was called a liar and forced to remain in his home until her pregnancy proved her allegations.

The 15-year-old girl had been moved to twenty-eight different foster homes in two years. In 1978, when she landed in Howard Smith’s home, she hoped she might finally have a home for a while. When Smith was injured in a car accident and became housebound, he began sexually assaulting her. She begged her CCAS worker to help her and to get her into another home, but that worked accused her of being a liar and left her with Smith to continue to be abused. When the teenager became pregnant, the proof was indisputable.

She raised her child on her own while struggling though post-traumatic stress disorder. In 2010, she finally went to police and requested a DNA test to prove once and for all what Smith had done to her. He was eventually sent to prison for two years for his crime. Now, the woman is filing a lawsuit against the agency that failed to protect her from Smith.

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