Washington State Ordered To Pay $1.35 Million In Sexual Harassment And Discrimination Lawsuit.

Sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal and nonverbal harassment of a sexual nature. Sexual harassment can occur in almost all settings, including in public, at school and even at the workplace. A very common form of sexual harassment involves offhanded comments and occasional teasing in the workplace. Such conduct might not seem like sexual harassment, but the law is clear that persistent and frequent harassment of this sort is unlawful where it creates a hostile or offensive environment.

King County officials in Washington State have agreed to pay $1.35 million after a sexual harassment lawsuit was brought by a police sergeant and two former deputies. The lawsuit alleged that Sgt. Diana Neff was sexually harassed on multiple occasions by her male superiors and faced disciplinary action after she attempted to report the harassment. Reportedly, the sexual harassment occurred whenever Sgt. Neff would enter Sheriff John Urquhart’s office, but Sheriff Urquart denied the allegations. Ultimately, the county agreed to settle the lawsuit out-of-court for $1.35 million.

This settlement agreement represents the second million-dollar sexual harassment settlement for this particular sheriff’s department in the last few years involving current or former employees.

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