Victims of Sexual Abuse File Lawsuit Against Estate of British Airways Pilot.

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Perhaps most alarming and dangerous about sexual predators is that they are faceless.  Any person, regardless of their status, background, criminal history, or sexual orientation can be a sex offender.  For years, the awareness of sexual predators in our midst has grown significantly, and for good reason.  The psychological pain and anguish inflicted by these appalling individuals can be extremely difficult for victims to cope with.  Emotional scars, as well as post-traumatic  physical symptoms, are commonplace.

In a recent case, a British Airways pilot, First Class Officer Simon Wood, was accused of sexually abusing 16 African girls, ranging from ages 8 to 20.  A lawsuit has been filed against British Airways by these girls for its role in employing Captain Wood.

The lawsuit alleges that Officer Wood performed sexual acts on the girls while staying in several different African countries, including Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya.   The girls further allege that they were sexually abused by him in schools and orphanages.  Officer Wood participated in many charitable programs offered by British Airways, including several that involved delivering money donations to local schools and orphanages.  The victims’ attorneys argue that because Wood was acting within the scope of his employment, when he allegedly abused his victims, British Airways is at least partially responsible.

In August of 2013, Officer Wood was hit and killed by a train.  His death took place just two weeks before he was due in court to answer criminal charges for indecent assault and having indecent photos of a child.

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