Teenage Waitress Sues Her Manager For Sexual Harassment.

Employers may abuse their power over their employees in a number of ways. This can include pressuring their employees into having sex with them or else face termination. Such a proposal is an example of sexual harassment. A victim of sexual assault or sexual harassment can file a civil lawsuit against an alleged perpetrator to collect money damages for any injuries sustained during the attack. This can include both physical injuries and emotional injuries suffered from the misconduct.

In 2013, Akira Smalls, then aged 19, was hired as a maitre d’ at the Central Park Boathouse in New York City. Smalls claims that from the first day, she was sexually harassed by her manager, James Modena. According to her lawsuit, Modena, who is married, would make lewd comments about her and frequently talk about sex in front of her. Smalls claims that she asked Modena to stop. When he didn’t stop harassing her, she allegedly told the general manager, Nick Sarantidis, but that did not solve the problem either.

According to the lawsuit, Modena was not the only one who harassed Smalls. She claims that the restaurant’s executive chief, Russell Rosenberg, tried to buy her alcohol in an attempt to have sex with her.

There are also charges of racial discrimination. According to Smalls, Greek employees were favored above all others, and it was only the Greek employees who received promotions. Furthermore, Smalls, who is African American, received complaints from management when her hair was not straightened. They once requested that Smalls try to appear “less ethnic.” After complaining to the restaurant’s owner, Dean Poll, Smalls was demoted from maitre d’ and was told to work only part-time. Now, according to the New York Post, Smalls is suing Sarantidis, Modena, and Rosenberg for money damages.

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