Son Of California State University-Sacramento President Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Employee.

Jeffrey Sharp, an employee of California State University, in Sacramento, California, has accused Alexander Gonzales Jr., son of the university president, of sexual harassment and retaliation.

According to his complaint, Gonzales inappropriately touched Sharp and made sexually offensive actions and comments toward Sharp, while the two worked together at the Office of University Advancement at the Sacramento campus of Cal State. Sharp claims that when he was placed in the office in 2008, Gonzales, working as associate director of development, began to harass and make advancements toward Sharp. Sharp claims that Gonzales touched him in private areas and told him that he is in love with Sharp.

In his lawsuit, Sharp states that he complained concerning the sexual harassment to co-workers, supervisors and the human resources department of the university. However, no action was taken and Gonzales continued to sexually harass Sharp. As a result of his complaints, Sharp states that he was demoted, denied wages and bonuses, and suffered lost wages and medical expenses as a result.

California State University, Sacramento and Alexander Gonzales Jr. are named as defendants in Sharp’s lawsuit. Sharp’s lawyer commented that the evidence is quite strong that Gonzales sexually harassed Sharp and that the University retaliated. Sharp is seeking personal injury damages for lost wages, lost promotions, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

The sexual harassment and retaliation case is expected to proceed to trial in the second half of 2014.

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