Sole Full-Time Female Police Officer In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania Awarded Over $200,000 In Sexual Harassment Suit.

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The Borough of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania has agreed to pay $213,000 to settle a federal lawsuit with its only full-time female police officer, who filed the claim against the borough in February. Officer Brandi Courtesis, sued the borough and three police officers in February for alleged gender discrimination against her after she complained of sexual harassment. The suit named Gettysburg, Pennsylvania officers Michael Carricato, Chief Joe Dougherty and Sgt. Larry Weikert for allegedly contributing to a hostile work environment. Per the settlement, Courtesis agreed to resign from the police department. In the lawsuit, Courtesis alleges that repeated complaints of sexual harassment by Carricato were ignored by her superiors, Dougherty and Weikert. Courtesis and Carricato had previously had a relationship for several months in 2014, the suit states. In 2015, after the relationship had ended, Carricato allegedly began making inappropriate and sexually explicit comments in the workplace.

The borough will pay $40,000 of the settlement, and the borough’s insurance company will pay $160,000. Courtesis will receive a little more than $13,000 in unused sick, vacation and personal time, and she will not be required to reimburse about $27,000 that the borough paid to help her earn a master’s degree in public administration.

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