Rock Church Addiction Recovery Program Accused Of Sexual Misconduct.

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A San Diego-based attorney says he plans on filing a lawsuit on behalf of six women who were allegedly sexually harassed and sexually assaulted at a drug and alcohol recovery program. The program is sponsored by the Rock Church Ministries in San Diego. The program owners are denying liability.

According to attorney Irwin Zalkin, who plans to represent the vulnerable women, “They’ve gone there to seek healing and what they get is a sex fest.” Specifically, the lawsuit alleges negligent supervision, sexual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, sexual harassment and fraud. Not only does the lawsuit name managers of the facility, husband and wife David and Tina Powers in their managerial name, but also David personally, claiming he had sexual contact with the women.

The husband and wife deny any liability. According to a statement they released, the only claim of sexual abuse in seventeen years of their business was from one female resident this past January. That isolated claim, they say, was investigated and determined to be false. The facility is in the process of discussing options with an attorney who specializes in defamation and libel. So for right now, it looks like a classic case of he said, she said. 

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