Prison Sexual Harassment Case With Famous Inmate Settled For $75,000.

A recent Freedom of Information Law request revealed that the State of New York paid $75,000 to settle a sexual harassment case brought by Laurie Kellogg.

Kellogg is currently in prison for her role in the murder of her husband. Kellogg maintained her innocence all along, and said that she was the victim of her abusive husband. Her story was made into a 1994 Lifetime television movie.

Kellogg claimed that her prison guards harassed her after she refused their sexual advances.  According to Kellogg’s attorney, she was repeatedly groped and strip searched without good reason by prison guards. The State denied the allegations, but approved the settlement in 2011.

The Freedom of Information Law request also revealed that New York has paid $5.1 million in sexual harassment settlements since 2007.

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