Pennsylvania State University Reaches First Settlement Deal in Civil Sex Abuse Case.

According to a victim’s attorney, Pennsylvania State University settled the first of 26 sexual harassment and assault claims against the university stemming from the behavior of former Penn State assistant football coach, Jerry Sandusky.

Sandusky, who is 69 years-old, was convicted last year on 45 counts of abusing 10 boys over a 15-year period. He was subsequently sentenced to 30 to 60 years in prison. The Sandusky case sparked national outrage and severely tarnished the reputation of the Penn State football program and its famous coach, Joe Paterno.

The victim in this case, known as Victim 5 and who is now twenty-five years old, was sexually abused and assaulted by Sandusky in August 2001. Victim 5’s attorney refused to give the details of the settlement, which was finalized on August 16. However, news reports revealed that Penn State has allotted at least $60 million in the form of payouts for all 26 claims and that, under the terms of the settlements, the victims have agreed not to pursue other suits against Penn State or the Second Mile, Sandusky’s charity through which he met many of the victims. In addition, known details of the settlement indicate that the victims have ceded their right to sue Second Mile to the university, which plans to sue the charity and get its insurer to reimburse the university for some of the 26 claims.

Victim 5’s settlement is seen as pivotal for the eventual negotiation and settlement of the remaining 15 sexual abuse claims since Victim 5 was assaulted just six months after the McQueary report, a report in which then-graduate assistant Michael McQueary reported to university officials that he saw Sandusky rape a boy in a campus shower.

Victim 5’s settlement will give a rubric and measuring stick by which future settlements will be determined.

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