Pennsylvania Golf Club Sued For Sexual Harassment.

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The Overbrook Golf Club is located on the edge of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has 128 acres, a 25-meter pool, a 35,000 square foot Georgian manor for dining and weddings, and a golf course.

Tayna Coles was hired part-time in 2007 as a cook. She was promoted to pantry chef in 2008. From then until 2012, Ms. Coles alleges she suffered from sexual harassment and discrimination. She is suing the Overbook Golf Club and her supervisor, Greg Ferreri, for sexual harassment and discrimination. Ms. Coles is African-American.

The lawsuit alleges that Mr. Ferreri touched her from behind and placed his hips and pubic region into her posterior, and then whispered things into her ear. He allegedly would put his hands on the plaintiff’s breasts and play with them. He would try to kiss Ms. Coles by trapping her against a wall or counter. Mr. Ferreri would place his hands on Ms. Coles’ behind. He also would say inappropriate things to her about her bra, panties, behind, and breasts. According to the lawsuit, Mr. Ferreri created a hostile sexual harassing workplace environment. He treated Ms. Coles and other African-American, Latina, and White female employees with sexual animus.

Ms. Coles also alleges that Mr. Ferreri came to her house and attempted to rape her by slamming her onto her bed, holding her down with his body, and telling her to “shut up” and “just let it happen,” among other things. Ms. Coles’ daughter, who was there, coming up the stairs, reportedly stopped the attack.

The Golf Club, however, denies the allegations, and says that Ms. Coles had an ongoing and continuous insubordination problem and engaged in improper conduct. They say that Ms. Coles violently swung her arm at Mr. Ferreri and that all that she says are lies.

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