Ohio Kidnapping Suspect, Ariel Castro, Plans to Plead Not Guilty.

Criminal defense attorneys in charge of representing Cleveland, Ohio kidnapping suspect, Ariel Castro, have stated in a press conference that their client will plead not guilty.

Castro’s criminal case has been at the center of a media firestorm. This occurred after last week’s discovery by Castro’s neighbors led to the liberation of three women who Castro had allegedly kidnapped ten years ago and then held by force inside his Cleveland home. Castro had allegedly perpetrated countless sexual assaults against the three women and had fathered a child, who is now six years-old, with one of the alleged victims.

Castro has been charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, rape, false imprisonment and aggravated murder. The murder charge against Castro stems from the allegations made by one of the three women, Michelle Knight, who told investigators that Castro had forced her to undergo multiple pregnancy terminations over the course of the ten years.

Castro’s criminal defense team consists of attorneys Craig Weintraub and Jay Schlachet. The defense lawyers held a press conference in which they denounced the trial by media of their client, and stated that Castro will enter a plea of not guilty to all charges against him. Weintraub further stated that Castro is not the “monster” that has been portrayed in the media, and that Castro “loves dearly” the six year-old girl that he fathered with one of the three women.

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