Neurosurgeon in Waco, Texas Named As Defendant in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit.

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When the term “sexual harassment” is used, thoughts of a bar or club may spring to mind.  These kinds of venues are known for unwanted advances of a sexual nature.  Thinking that these are the only kinds of places where sexual harassment takes place, however, would be a big mistake.

Sexual harassment can take place anywhere, at any time, and be perpetrated by anyone.  Only in recent years has it become evident that sexual harassment too often permeates the workplace environment, where the harassers are often in positions of power or authority.  Yet awareness alone has not solved the lasting issue at hand.  Sexual harassment continues to exist today.   Part of the problem is that many people are afraid to report incidents of sexual harassment because they fear that their jobs and livelihoods will be put in jeopardy.

In the spring of 2013, Sara Sommers was hired as an office administrator to work at the Baptist Health Systems in Waco, Texas.  At the clinic, she worked directly for a neurosurgeon named Dr. Bruce Hamilton According to a recent lawsuit filed by Ms. Sommers, she had worked there for only about a month when Dr. Hamilton began his sexual advances.

Ms. Sommers has alleged that during her time under Dr. Hamilton, she frequently received illicit text messages from him.  Many of his texts were sexually suggestive, even though Dr. Hamilton was married with children.  He allegedly continued his sexual advances toward her in the medical office, where he would corner her and grope her.  According to her complaint, she and the other female employees at the office were even given sex toys by Dr. Hamilton for Christmas.  Though she was appalled and embarrassed, Ms. Sommers did not object to the harassment.

Finally, Ms. Sommers gathered the courage to quit her job at the Baptist Health Systems.  Soon thereafter, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Dr. Hamilton.  She is represented in the case by Attorney Megna Wadhwani.

Ms. Sommers claims that the harassment not only hindered her career, but also forced her to relocate from the Waco community.  In addition, she now reportedly suffers from anxiety, humiliation and emotional trauma for which she has sought professional treatment.

If you have endured harassment at work, please contact our highly skilled Boston sexual harassment lawyers.  Our passionate and specialized attorneys will help you obtain the monetary compensation that will allow you to move on from these ordeals.  Call our firm, 24/7, at 617-787-3700 or email us at to discuss your potential claim in a free and confidential consultation.  Your needs are our top priority!

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