It Is Often Harder For Sexual Harassment Victims To Bring Their Claims In Small Companies As Compared With Large Companies.

Sexual harassment can happen no matter where or what type of work you are doing. However, the common belief is that sexual harassment is not as common in a smaller company, as compared with larger companies, due to the greater familiarity associated with its employees. That is not true, however. Sexual harassment is just as common in small companies as in other larger companies. According to several experts, the same harmful traits that define some small companies are the same ones that allow for sexual harassment in any size company. Due to their size and sometimes laid-back atmosphere, employees are sometimes more likely to feel at ease using inappropriate behavior in a small company.

Smaller companies, in addition, are often more likely to not have human-resource departments which larger companies can use to train their employees about acceptable work behavior and also are the first line of defense in sexual harassment complaints. In 2017, there was a poll conducted of small-business owners which showed that only 53% have a human resources department. In comparison, 91% of companies of all sizes are believed to have a human resource department in 2017.

With no human resource department, employees are forced to report any harassment to a direct manager in their department. For many sexual harassment victims, this imposes another barrier due to the fact that there will often be a close relationship among the employees.

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