Google Employees Stage Walkout Over Alleged Sexual Harassment.

A growing number of women speaking out against sexual harassment has given new light to an issue that has unfortunately been ubiquitous in our society for a number of years. This has led to an increased awareness of the issue, and as a result more and more people– women and men alike– have taken it upon themselves to try and combat what they perceive to be a systemic, cultural issue. In such a situation, it would be wise to contact an expert sexual harassment attorney at 617-787-3700.

A massive walkout staged by Google employees recently took place at offices in New York, Chicago, and the company’s main headquarters in Silicon Valley. According to participants, the protest serves the dual purpose of raising awareness about an ever-persisting sexual harassment problem in our nation, as well as Google’s own alleged mismanagement of sexual harassment claims within the company.

The protest came in the wake of a New York Times story in which a Google executive was given a $90 million package in return for stepping down after being accused of sexual assault while working for the company. Protesters believe that this kind of treatment does nothing to discourage future sexual harassment, and sets a bad precedent for the handling of future claims. Participants in the walkout range from lower-end engineers to management level employees, and the walkout has attracted massive numbers nationwide.

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