Former Student Alleges Sexual Relationship With High School Teacher.

Now 19 years-old, the victim alleges that she began a sexual relationship with her teacher when she was only seventeen. In addition, she alleges that the principal of the high school in Wayne County, Pennsylvania witnessed the inappropriate contact and did nothing to investigate or stop the sexual abuse.

The former high school student claims the relationship was triggered by sexually explicit text messages that led to fondling and oral sex in a closet in the school’s band room. She has indicated in the suit that she and her teacher had sexual contact at least three times a week during her senior year at the high school.

The lawsuit alleges the principal witnessed the inappropriate sexual contact between the pair on at least one occasion while they were seemingly alone in his office. In addition, other school officials knew or should have known that the then-17 year-old senior was a victim of sexual abuse given the inordinate and suspicious amount of time that she spent alone with the music teacher.

Finally, the suit alleges that the teacher’s former employer, another high school, knew or should have known that he had a sexual relationship with another student while he worked there. If so, the former school had a duty to inform future employers that he had a history of sexual harassment and assault with students.

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