Ford Motor Company Targeted In Sexual Harassment Lawsuit in Chicago, Illinois.

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In 1896, a young engineer named Henry Ford completed work on what he called a “quadricycle.”  It was the first gasoline powered vehicle, the prototype that would change human transportation forever.  118 years later, the Ford Motor Company still exists, and has provided hundreds of millions of people with vehicles.  In addition, the company employs more than 180,000 Americans nationwide.  Despite the company’s long tenure and success in the market, however, the company has recently come under fire for neglecting some of its female employees. Just recently, several female employees at Ford’s Chicago, Illinois plant have joined together in a sexual harassment lawsuit.  The four women, whose ages range from 29 to 58, allege that there is a distinct pattern of sexual harassment and racial discrimination at work that goes back nearly two decades.  According to the lawsuit, other employees initiated inappropriate physical contact, including groping, fondling and requests for sexual favors from the women. The harassment also allegedly took the form of sexually explicit and derogatory graffiti and pornographic images in public areas of the South Side manufacturing plant.

One of the women, Charmella LaViege, stated that “it’s not like work.  It’s more like a meat market.”  Another plaintiff, Christie Van, told investigators that she tried calling the company’s employee harassment hotline, but received no help.  For years, she and the other plaintiffs allegedly complained to upper management, but nothing was done to remedy the reportedly repugnant acts of harassment taking place in the factory.  In fact, Ms. Van was rebuked for her complaints: “I was told to be quiet or I’d be on the outside looking in.”

This is not the first time that a sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed against the Ford Motor Company.  In 1995, a lawsuit was filed after harassment allegedly took place in the very same South Side Chicago plant.  The nine plaintiffs in the 1995 lawsuit settled for $1 million.  In 2000, a separate but similar lawsuit was settled for $9 million.

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