Flint, Michigan Schools Settle Teacher’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit for $600,000.

Kelly Caudell, a teacher in the Flint, Michigan school district, recently received a $600,000 settlement from the district for her sexual harassment claim against the former district principal, Fred White.

Caudell, who was a probationary teacher at the time of the wrongdoing, alleged that Fred White, the former Northwestern High School principal, began harassing her after she ended a sexual relationship with him.

According to the lawsuit, White began pulling Caudell out of her classroom during the school day, would come to her home after school hours, would follow her around, and also would ask other teachers at the school about Caudell’s personal life. In addition, White allegedly threatened to fire Caudell if she refused to submit to his sexual advances.

In October 2010, the school placed White on administrative leave, pending an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations. He is no longer employed by the district after retiring in June 2011. White had previously been suspended in 2009 for allegedly choking a student, but was later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Caudell has been on sick leave from the school after attempting suicide in November 2011.

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