Female Farm Workers All Too Often Suffering From Sexual Harassment And Assault.

Female farm workers are speaking out against their supervisors who have spent years sexually harassing and sexually assaulting them. Cultural hurdles, fear of immigration sanctions, and concern for job security have made reporting the harassment and assaults especially difficult for these victims.

According to one such farm worker, Guadalupe Chavez, a victim who is speaking out years after her attack, her abuse began with a missing paycheck back in 2006. The farm worker was expecting a $245 paycheck. Relying on the income to support her family, she trusted her supervisor who instructed her to follow him in his car out to the fields to find her lost check. Once alone in the fields, he demanded her underwear in exchange for the paycheck. He digitally raped her, and forced her to perform oral sex on him. His words reportedly still sting in her memory: “I’m the supervisor, I’m in charge here.” She knew he had a gun, and she feared for her life.

The next time Chavez’s paycheck went missing. She went to a rural legal aid office who noticed her panic and called police for assistance. Chavez is one of the few female farm workers who has pressed charges. Although her attacker was later acquitted, she hopes her courage to speak out will inspire other women, and that supervisors will think twice before sexually harassing other women in the fields.

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