Families of First Graders Receive $250K In Settlement From School After Children Are Sexually Abused By A Classmate.

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Five families have received a combined $250,00 in personal injury damages after it was discovered that their first grade children were being sexually abused at school.

The Lincoln County School District in Newport, OR has settled the lawsuit with the five families. They reportedly agreed to settle because several members of the elementary school staff failed to immediately report the child abuse.

While originally concerned that their children weren’t adapting well to a new school environment, the families later learned of the abuse, after one child spoke up and the rest of the families began talking to one another. A six-year-old boy at the Oregon school had exposed his genitals, hit his victims in the crotch, and touched their genitals.

While the original lawsuit sought $2.9 million in damages, the families chose to accept the $250,000 in lieu of bringing the case to trial to spare their children from reliving the abuse inside a courtroom. The distribution of the $250,000 among each family will be determined based on an evaluation of each case.

According to one mother, her child currently suffers from post traumatic stress disorder, and will continue to suffer effects from the abuse throughout her lifetime.

Two teachers and a former principal were each charged a $648 fine for committing the Class A criminal violation of failing to report child abuse.

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