Doctor And Clinic Face Sexual Harassment Lawsuit.

Donna Dillard of Greenbrier County, West Virginia has filed a lawsuit against the clinic and doctor that treated her in April of 2012 alleging that doctor sexually assaulted her. The doctor, John H. Pellegrini has been at the center of several sexual harassment complaints filed against patients alleging inappropriate touching and advances.

Donna Dillard was visiting the Hope Clinic PLLC when she says Dr. Pellegrini touched her inappropriately and sexually assaulted her. At first, she refrained from reporting the incident for fear that it would affect her ability to continue treatment at the facility. When she did report it, the clinic required her to take a drug test, which came back positive due to a prescription medication after surgery. Just as she feared, she was dismissed from the clinic after making the complaint.

Now, she is filing a lawsuit against the clinic and the doctor alleging assault and battery, negligence, medical negligence, negligent hiring and retaliation. According to court files, dozens of lawsuits have been filed against Dr. Pellegrini since 2010 alleging claims of sexual harassment towards patients.

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