Disabled Patient Suffers Sexual Abuse from 30 Year-Old Nursing Home Staffer.

Sexual harassment is not generally what comes to mind when you think of nursing homes and other elder care facilities. But one woman suffered so much sexual abuse at a New Jersey nursing home that she says that she can never stay again at another hospital, assisted living facility, or other elder care facility.

The 60 year-old woman had suffered several strokes, which left her confined to a wheelchair. She also suffered from epilepsy, dementia and osteoporosis. Afflicted with these conditions, the woman was completely reliant on her caregivers at the nursing home. One thirty year-old staffer took advantage of her reliance, and began to proposition the patient. He offered her money and cigarettes in exchange for her performing oral sex acts on him.

The patient claims she felt threatened and was compelled to oblige. The woman allegedly told several other staffers about the sexual harassment, but none reported the abuse of the vulnerable woman to the management and other superiors at the nursing home. The staffer has pleaded guilty to sexual abuse, which carries a minimum three-year prison sentence.

Civil suits on the woman’s behalf have been filed against the New Jersey nursing home. Official investigations are being conducted to ensure that no other patients suffer abuse at the facility.

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