College of Charleston Student Files Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Professor.

Sexual harassment can be a sensitive and difficult topic to discuss, yet it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately when it occurs.  While sexual harassment is most frequently directed towards women, it is an issue that confronts both sexes.  Sexual harassment can take many forms, and can occur between members of the same sex.  When you are a victim of sexual harassment, we know that even getting up in the morning can be extremely difficult.  Our Boston sexual harassment attorney experts are here to help you.

According to the Post and Courier, a College of Charleston student, “Jane Doe,” has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against her biology professor, D. Reid Wiseman.  The lawsuit alleges that Wiseman harassed the student during a biology class field trip in October 2013.  The student alleges that Wiseman put his arm around her waist and pinched her buttocks.  He also allegedly called her “my Athens, Georgia princess.”  Wiseman is also accused of making crude and sexual remarks towards the student. 

The student also claims that school administration “were on notice of prior inappropriate acts” by Wiseman, but failed to do anything.  She also states that sex-based and other harassment was rampant within the Biology Department and created a hostile and abusive learning environment.  Wiseman responded to the complaint and stated that he had called the student “my Athens, Georgia princess,” and had touched her on the back in order to encourage her to join the rest of the group.  He denies all other claims.

This is not the first time the College of Charleston, specifically the Biology Department, has faced this kind of lawsuit.  In June 2011, an assistant professor sued the school and Marine Lab Director, Louis Burnett.  The professor claimed that Burnett participated in “unfair and bullying treatment of women” and that he had moved her lab to an unsafe storage room.  A jury awarded the professor $60,000 in actual and punitive damages.

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