Brazilian Sex Workers Signing Up For English Classes Ahead of the World Cup.

Prostitutes in the Brazilian metropolis Belo Horizonte (meaning “beautiful horizon” in Portuguese) have begun signing up for free English classes sponsored by a local association of prostitutes.

Cida Viera, president of the Association of Prostitutes in Belo Horizonte has announced that all 4,000 members of the association are invited to take basic conversational English classes ahead of the 2014 World Cup hosted by Brazil. The classes will be taught by volunteer professors and psychologists who will cover English language basics, such as monetary exchange, directions and time, and what turns on the clients. Similar classes may also be taught in French and Italian.

Prostitution is legal in Brazil and constitutes a substantial portion of the nation’s revenues from tourism. The 2014 World Cup is expected to bring hundreds of thousands of tourists into the country. The city of Belo Horizonte is among the largest Brazilian cities and is a tourist center. Belo Horizonte is home to three top professional soccer teams and will host six World Cup games in the summer of 2014.

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