Boy Scouts of America Release “Perversion Files” Detailing Long History of Sexual Abuse.

The Boy Scouts of America recently released what are becoming known as the “Perversion Files,” which document the youth group’s long history of sexual abuse. The Boy Scouts previously kept these files secret, shielding scoutmasters and other members from criminal and civil prosecution.

The confidential files cover sexual abuse and molestation allegations compiled from 1959 to 1985. The Boy Scouts protected these suspected sexual predators in an effort to protect the youth group’s reputation and standing in countless communities across the United States.

The 14,500 pages of files were ordered to be released this past Thursday by an order from the Oregon Supreme Court. The documents had previously been shown to a 2010 Oregon jury in a civil suit against the Boy Scouts of America.

In almost a third of the sexual assault incidents compiled, police were not informed about the alleged abuse.

Boy Scouts spokesman, Deron Smith, released a statement this past Thursday saying that the organization’s responses to the sexual abuse allegations contained in the files were “plainly insufficient, inappropriate, or wrong.” The Boy Scouts extended their deepest and sincerest apologies to the victims and their families in the statement.

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