19 US Soldiers File Suit Against Top Military Officials Alleging Sexual Abuse.

19 US soldiers, both former and current, have filed suit in San Francisco against military officials.

The plaintiffs allege that the officials deprived them of their constitutional rights by failing to pursue and address instances of sexual abuse.

The plaintiffs claim that in all the cases, the victim was blamed for the sexual assault accusation, isolated and then suffered retaliation. They also claim that evidence was lost and that no court martial proceedings were instituted for the alleged abusers.

Two male plaintiffs claim that their superior officer raped them and infected them with HIV. Several female plaintiffs allege that after they accused men of rape, they were still forced to be close to and interact with the men they had accused. They even had to go through group therapy with their alleged rapists.

Sexual abuse in the military has been a difficult subject, but is now gaining national scrutiny as more victims are stepping forward.

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